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Join RISE in our effort to raise $5,000 to help send local youth to Camp HOPE America, the only evidence based camping and mentoring program for children affected by domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault in the U.S. While at Camp HOPE America, children learn to be resilient by overcoming adversity in a safe and positive environment in order to instill hope in themselves, others and their dreams.

With a donation of $350, you can sponsor one child to attend Camp HOPE America 2019! You can also make smaller donations that will go toward transportation and gear (e.g. backpacks, sleeping pads, bug repellent, flashlights, sunscreen, etc.) for our campers. No matter the amount, it is appreciated and makes a huge difference. When you donate to RISE,  you help change the future of our community and the youth of San Luis Obispo County. Thank you for your support!

To learn more about camp or how your gift can help a child, please email the Prevention Education Department or call the RISE office at 805-226-5400.